Everything you need to know about Alba Cruise and it's packages.

Alba Cruise

Yes, it is. However, on certain days when some or all of our speed boats would be used for charter program or during maintenance period, the Sunset Cruise may not be available. Please contact us to check availability.

So you have decided to come visiting this Land of Pristine Beauty. And soon you will be facing a very common question. What option should we take to visit all these beautiful islands? Should we choose a “normal” wooden boat, staying overnight at boat, or take a speed boat trip? Well, everyone is entitled to their own opinion. However, the fact is that speed boat is 4 x faster than wooden boat. Faster means you could reach more destinations within the same period of time. We’re sure you do not come from faraway land just to spend your precious time floating on the sea instead of doing the real activity on the destination spot. Thanks to our pioneering Daily Trips programs, taking a speed boat trip is far cheaper now. No longer must you charter the whole boat for only two or three persons. Even a solo traveler may enjoy the guaranteed-departing speed boat trip with Alba Cruise now.

Sunset Cruise

This trip is a brand new trip with the first pontoon cruise series in Indonesia, Alba Pontoon. We believe this to be a new way of tour in Labuan Bajo renewing our well-known package, Full Day Trip. Sunset Cruise goes to 4 (four) destinations within one day, starting from Rinca Island, Menjerite, Kelor Island, and Flying Fox Island. The trip starts at 12 pm and finishes at 7 pm. Length of the trip may vary, depending mainly on the weather and the number of passenger.

In Alba Cruise, providing excellent customer service with professionalism is the very core of our business. No single doubt about that. Alba Cruise has been operating in Labuan Bajo since March 2017. Despite our relative short operation period, we have managed to serve more than 10,000 passengers from over 80 countries, becoming leisure company with the highest growth rate in the region. On top of that, Alba Cruise is the only cruise company in Labuan Bajo who stays true to its Daily Departure Guaranteed slogan. Our Daily Trips program will still depart even with only one passenger onboard! Starting September 2018, we proudly introduced our brand new fleet series as a breakthrough in Indonesian marine tourism industry, Alba Pontoon, which uses pontoon boat combining the speed of speed boats and the comfort of modern wooden boat.instead of speed boat. Alba Cruise as the leading operator in Labuan Bajo will always come up with the best programs as part of our commitment to ensure our guests traveling experience.

There are two islands that you can visit to see the famous Komodo Dragons, Rinca Island and Komodo Island. While you can see the Dragons on both islands, the scenery on Rinca Island is different from the one of Komodo Island. Rinca Island’s is more like savannah, something that is very unusual in Indonesia, the one that you may expect to see in Africa rather than in tropical country like Indonesia. On the other hand, Komodo Island’s looks more like (not so dense) jungle, which is quite common in Indonesia. While everyone is entitled to their own opinion, many of our passengers who did both of our previous programs (Full Day to Komodo and Half Day to Rinca) said that they prefer Rinca Island due to its unique landscape. More important than just a personal opinion is the fact that it is much easier to spot the Dragons on Rinca Island than on Komodo Island, due to that very different landscape. Sometimes you can even spot a baby Komodo on the tree on Rinca Island ! On the other hand, finding Komodo Dragons in Komodo Island is more difficult because there are many trees on the island, which serve as perfect hidden places for the Dragons, and unfortunately, make them more difficult to be spotted by the curious visitor. From Labuan Bajo, where everyone starts their trip, Komodo Island is two times farther than Rinca Island. And it’s a very rough water going there. Nobody could say it better than us, because we went to both islands every day, not a single day missed since we started our business in March 2017.

As a rough guidance, you should expect to spend 1,5 hours on Rinca Island, 30 minutes on Menjerite, 1 hour in Kelor Island, 1,5 hours on Flying Fox Island. Again, time may vary depending on many factors, mainly the weather and the number of passenger.

Alba Pontoon is our brand new leisure activity series, the first of its kind in Indonesia. Pontoon boat combines the speed of speed boat and the comfort of modern wooden boat. Our pontoon boat is specially designed to ensure our passengers comfort in enjoying the natural beauty of Komodo National Park and its surrounding islands. And it is especially true when you want to observe the majestic view of thousands of bats flying over your head when the sunset time comes at Flying Fox Island. Our pontoon trip is carefully planned so you will be well accommodated during the whole trip, starting from the choice of destinations to the food and drink selection. Take a look at our video clip to learn more about our Sunset Cruise with Alba Pontoon. >>> bit.ly/albapontoon

The Sunset Cruise price is Rp 1,100,000 per person. It includes 4 times snack, 2 bottles of mineral water, 2 bottles of soft drink, onboard tour guide, snorkeling set, and free pick-up/drop-off service from/to your hotel. The price does not include entrance fee to Komodo National Park and ranger fee. Children under the age of 6 (six) are free of charge.

Booking our daily trips

It will be better to pay in advance due to limited seats available. Just book via this website, after communication via email, we will reserve our seats for you on your preferred date. You may also pay us at our Office in L Bajo Hotel 2nd Floor, or directly at the harbor in the morning before departure, even so, we would appreciate it if you could confirm your arrival in Labuan Bajo at our Sales Counter in the Komodo Airport.

Roughly speaking, for foreigner, entrance fee to Komodo National Park and ranger fee is approximately Rp 300,000 per person on weekday and Rp 400,000 per person on weekend and national holiday. KITAS (Temporary Residence Permit) is not valid here. For Indonesian citizen, the price is much lower at Rp 100,000 per person on weekday and Rp 130,000 on weekend. You pay the entrance fee to Komodo National Park and the ranger fee in their office. You pay directly to the National Park, not to Alba Cruise. And their office only accepts payment by Indonesian rupiah cash. So, be prepared to bring enough cash. No ATM on the islands, no credit card payment, only hard cash, Indonesian Rupiah cash.

As amazing as it sounds, the answer is yes. Our trips are guaranteed, as long as we have one passenger that has booked the program, we will depart on schedule. So please rest assured that you are completely in control of your holiday schedule in Labuan Bajo by booking our Daily Trips program.

Onboard tour guide

We do stock snorkeling set (masker and snorkel) in our speed boats for free use by our passenger. Any passenger wishing to use them would have to register onboard, assisted by our guide. Please note that any loss or damage caused by passenger will be charged according to replacement rate. For passenger wishing to use fin, please mention in advance as we do not stock them onboard. Availability of the fin is not guaranteed, so we strongly recommend you to bring your own.

You should bring your own swimming suit, wet suit, towel, sunblock, personal needs, etc. We also recommend that you wear trekking shoes or any kind of sport shoes during the trekking on Padar Island (in Full Day Trip) and Kelor Island (in Sunset Cruise).

The Pick-up and drop-off service

Pick-up and drop-off from/to any hotel in Labuan Bajo area to/from our private jetty are free of charge. Never underestimate it. There is neither meter taxi nor online taxi service in Labuan Bajo. How much you pay will depend on how good you negotiate with a car driver, if you can find any, especially the one who is willing to pick you up so early in the morning. There are several resort in the surrounding islands of Labuan Bajo, mainly Angel Island Resort and Seraya Resort. We provide pick-up and drop-off to/from these resorts with additional charges for a minimum of 2 passengers.

We have a limited number of cars to pick-up all the passengers from many hotels. More often than not, a car has to pick up passengers from two or three hotels. While most passengers would have been ready in their respective hotel’s lobby, some of them simply not, and this usually delays pick-up for passenger staying in the next hotel. Just be patient and trust us, we try our best to make sure our cars will be there to pick you up on time.